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Are you ready to start working with Bella?

We get girls emailing us all the time asking how they can have a website or make some extra money taking nude photos or videos.

We created this website as a stepping stone into the world of Bella for the ladies that decide to have some fun with us!

So how does it work? Well, it's very simple and straight forward but first we need you to apply so we can see if you're what we're looking for. I know applications for jobs can be stressful but not this one!

All we ask is that you meet our simple guidelines first.

The Requirements

You must be female *UNLESS* you are a couple, and then it's fine to do photos/videos together.

You must be between the ages of 18 to 35.

You must be height/weight proportionate.

You must be considered pretty, cute, hot, attractive. (your Mom telling you this doesn't count)

You do not need fake boobs! Every size boob is great.

You must have picture id proving who you are. (when we pay you, we pay the girl with id that is also the girl in the photos)

You must be drama free. (if you bring drama, we stop working with you instantly)

You must be the girl in the images. (we don't work with agents or studios, we only work with the girls directly)

If you read the requirements and you think you're a good fit, please email us six photos of yourself.

These images will be for us to see you, these images will not go online anywhere. We'd need your signed permission on a model release to do that.

In these images, you must be fully naked. If you submit blurry or clothed images, you will not be considered or replied to (we need to see what you look like). If you send less than six photos, you will not be replied to. If you don't send us a proof I'm real photo, you will not be replied to.

Sorry for the rules but we get fakers and people that can't read very well applying sometime, so this will hopefully help to remove them.

Photo 1 - face shot.

Photo 2 - full body from the front

Photo 3 - full body from the back

Photo 4 - full body from the side

Photo 5 - impress us.

Photo 6 - prove you're real. This is a fan sign. write the date and "I want to be a Bella!" on a piece of paper, hold the paper up so we can see you holding the paper. This way we know you're genuine and not a faker.

Send the photos to james at bellanetwork dot com (type this out) with the subject " PICK ME"

I am very, very busy but I will do my best to get back to you asap.

If you didn't read the list above, or you don't meet the basic requirements, I will not be replying. (take the time to read above and be sure you're what we're after)

If we like what we see, I will be responding and we can go from there, detailing how things work, what we're looking for, what things pay etc.

Our ladies have graced the pages of Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler magazines. If you're chosen, you will have the opportunity to shoot professionally as well as shoot with the current Bella girls.

Let us know and thank you for considering The Bella Network!

James D.
(owner, operator, husband of Bryci)